WINNER’s Interview with Mini Magazine September 2017


After becoming 4, speaking afresh about “true” things!



FATE NUMBER FOR that was the fresh start for WINNER became # 1 on 7 of Korea’s famous sites. In addition, it also became # 1 on the iTunes album charts in 21 countries, showing good results. Just as lively and fun as they were last time, we bring you WINNER 💙

Birthday March 30, 1993
In charge of Rap.
When we gave him a natto roll from a high-end supermarket, as soon as he ate it he was overjoyed and gave us a high-five.

Birthday January 11, 1992
In charge of Rap & Dance.
We were surprised at the level of improvement of his Japanese! A kind man full of accommodating spirit who livens up the conversation!!

Birthday September 26, 1991
In charge of Vocal.
Jinwoo-san, who smiled while watching over his lively younger brothers. The phrase of live singing that he sang for us was wonderful💙

Birthday January 21, 1994
Leader & in charge of Vocal.
During the photo shoot, he was tickled by the members and collapsed in agony! The maknae leader was very loved.

Getting straight to the point, on the big hit of your new song!! Congratulations!!! What do you think the reason is that this song has gotten so much support?

Jinwoo: Hmmm, because it’s a good song! (laughs)

Seungyoon: I think it is thanks to the fans who waited for us for a long time, but also I think that it was good that through WINNER becoming 4, we were able to bring out a new, good energy. We thought to make a different style of song than the ones we had until now.

How was REALLY REALLY made?

Seungyoon: Generally, we made it with me making the melody and structure of the song, and then asking the 2 rappers to make their parts.

For each of you, what is your favorite part in the song?

Seungyoon: The bridge. At first I was making it by myself but it was a bit difficult so I asked Mino to do it and right away! He made it for me!!

Mino: In about 10 minutes!!

Seungyoon: It was solved right away!

Jinwoo: I like the “aishiteru” part. (*Jpn vers. “I love you”/ Kr. Vers. “I like you)


In the Korean version it’s the “Neol Joahae” part, right? That part really matched Jinwoo’s voice well, it was truly great!

Jinwoo: (overjoyed)

Seungyoon: It was a success!! (high fives Jinwoo with both hands)

The way Jinwoo-san sang that part with such confidence really hit home.

Jinwoo: Neol Joahae

(all of them clap!)

Jinwoo: Seungyoon-kun gave me this part.

Seungyoon: Yes, it was a big success, we did it!!

How about you, Seunghoon-san? Baca lebih lanjut

[Wawancara] WINNER Mengungkapkan Kencan yang Mereka Sukai di Mini Japan Magazine Edisi November 2015


WINNER, yang mana yang kalian suka?

1.P: Tipe mana yang kalian lebih suka untuk ajak kencan?

A: Tipe yang imut atau B. Tipe yang cantik

A= Seunghoon, Mino

B= Jinwoo, Seungyoon, Taehyun

Taehyun: Imut dan cantik. Yang manapun oke bagiku.

Seunghoon: Aku pikir kecocokan dalam komunikasi dan kepribadian lebih penting dibandingkan penampilan

Taehyun: Aku juga berpikir begitu. Jadi yang manapun oke.

Seunghoon: Aku menyukai orang yang ramping.


2. P: Yang mana membuat hati kalian berdebar?

A: Gadis yang canggung/pemalu atau B: Gadis yang perhatian

A= Jinwoo, Seungyoon, Taehyun

B= Mino, Seunghoon

Mino: Aku pikir orang yang dapat memperhatikan orang lain adalah orang dengan kepribadian yang baik.

Seunghoon: Terutama gadis yang lebih tua biasanya lebih sopan/memiliki sikap yang baik

Seungyoon: Apa? Aku juga berpikir begitu

Taehyun: Aku menyukai orang yang imut dan cantik hanya di depanku dan yang hanya perhatian padaku. Baca lebih lanjut