WINNER’s Interview in Jelly Magazine August 2017


Reborn WINNER’s Momentum is Unstoppable!


Popular boys’ group WINNER appears in Jelly for the first time! After overcoming the trouble of a member leaving last year, they have powered-up and returned. Sexy and stylish, but with mischievous smiles and an overflowingly accommodating spirit… We will approach these 4 who captivate you more the more you know about them!

After Becoming 4

Seunghoon: After a member left, we and our company staff were worried if we could go on as 4.

Seungyoon: At first we were really worried, but we thought the important thing was to make good music. As I thought we would need a fresh song different from our image until now, I made a dance number like REALLY REALLY.

Seunghoon: Because the dance positions change with an even number of people compared to an odd number, coming up with new lines of movement and fixing the choreography was tough.

Jinwoo: For the album preparation, I did concentrated on vocal training. As I thought to change my vocalization.

Seunghoon: Jinwoo-kun’s skin is pretty and he manages it well💙.

Seungyoon: We are talking about vocals right now, so please concentrate! (laughs)

Mino: (laughs) My voice is originally quite low and manly-sounding, so in order to make it easier to listen to I worked to rap in a more natural tone.

Seungyoon: That is being utilized in our new song!

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WINNER’s Interview in High Cut Vol 205 September 2017 Issue

5389963bc8c233e604cfc698237035a4_hHCSioNIOHtS3pFIdbwcQKang SeungYoon

<Radio Star> the variety show that I want to be a fixed member of.. I want to make up for the last time when was a special MC.


On the first half of the year, you successfully made up for the long hiatus you had and you came back with a double title-track Love Me Love Me’ and ‘Island’ just after 4 months. 

Since way back, (I/we) really wanted to promote a song that suits the summer season so we came back quickly. If we had done it before, we wanted to show various sides so we chose to do a double title-track.

In April’s <High Cut> interview “As a person who writes songs the member I want to praise the most is Jinwoo hyung.” Who is it this time with this album? Baca lebih lanjut

WINNER’s Interview with Glitter Magazine September 2017

4 Beautiful Men Who Flew Down From Korea, WINNER

(*note: they’re using the same verb as in “angels who flew down from heaven)

WINNER, who were born from YG Entertainment’s survival show “WIN” and are known as a worldwide boys’ group continuing in the tradition of BIGBANG, appeared in GLITTER for the first time. With their Korean idol like beauty and coolness, they have a sensitive manliness that captures women’s hearts and doesn’t let go. We will focus on them, with their many hidden and varied charms💙.


“The time when I have a heart-fluttering feeling towards a woman…is the moment when there is waft of a good scent I think. I think men have a weak spot for scents.”


Is there a funny episode between the members?

Once Seunghoon, Seungyoon, and I were all walking in the city, and I can’t remember exactly the chain of events that led to it, but we ended up playing a game where whoever lost in rock paper-scissors had to “treat the others to something”. In the end, Seungyoon ended up losing, and we had him buy a bike. Yeah! It’s a pretty decent (*expensive) amount (laughs). Anyways, we thought we could use it between the members so we had him buy it, but our schedules have been busy so we haven’t been able to ride it even once. I want to ride it before Seungyoon says something about it (laughs)

What is your ideal date?

With this job, it’s pretty difficult to have a date outside, so I admire the idea of a “normal” date. I want to go out for a walk on a day with nice weather. If I had time, I’d like to go traveling to someplace close! If it’s Japan, I’d like to go to Sapporo. I like onsen (hot spring) & snowboarding, so I want to go during the winter time and really enjoy myself. The type of girl I like? I think a girl who eats well! Just watching them, I think they are cute. Also I like jeans style, so rather than skirts, I’m definitely on team pants. On top of that, if there is something also unique about their fashion that they stick to, it’ll be even better!

Concerning your unit with iKON’s BOBBY who you have a deep bond with even within YG

It was fun to sing a genre of song that I couldn’t, which is to say, I haven’t done with WINNER, it was very fresh, & was a very sti mulating experience, as I was able to participate in the lyric creation as well. If I were to make a unit within the members…. a rap hip-hop unit with Seunghoon would be fun! But with these members, whoever I were to pair up with, I think something new could be born & there would be a good synergy effect.


“In our new song, I want people to pay attention to the cohesiveness in our performance we show now after becoming 4”

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WINNER’s Interview with JUNON Magazine September 2017



“FATE NUMBER FOR” is in the middle of being a big hit. It’s an appearance in JUNON after a long time!

The talented boys’ group from Korea came back after approximately a year. WINNER, whose fan event tour was a great success and new single “FATE NUMBER FOR” is creating a big buzz. Along with the members’ appeals, & going along with the theme of their double title songs, “REALLY REALLY” & “FOOL” we will ask them about their romantic situations. With some absentminded remarks mixed in, their Japanese talk heats up!

Hooked on Japan’s abura-soba, we are eating it every day

Seunghoon: We’re BIGBANG’S younger brother group. The catalyst for our debut was the 2013 Korean program “WIN: Who Is NEXT” and on it we fought with iKON from the same company.

Seungyoon: It wasn’t a fight! (laughs). We had a performance competition over the right to debut.

Seunghoon: So then we won and debuted as WINNER.

Jinwoo: Our leader, Seungyoon, is the best at Japanese.  And his smile is wonderful. And he is very sexy.

Seungyoon: What part is especially sexy–?

Jinwoo: Eh?…that’s a secret (laughs).

Seunghoon: He is a leader we can count on. He remembers all the things that we don’t like, and he will be considerate about them in subtle ways.

Seungyoon: Jinwoo is like an aristocrat.

Seunghoon: Even when he is drinking water, it seems as if he is drinking wine (laughs).

Seungyoon: He is truly a pure person, and his face and his personality are both kind. Isn’t that right?

Jinwoo: Yes, I’m super-kind (laughs).

Seungyoon: Mino has great sense in rap and lyric composition, and he’s good at drawing, he is a person overflowing with artistic sense.

Jinwoo: And he’s good at impersonations

Seunghoon: Like famous celebrities from Korea or dinosaurs, etc.

Jinwoo: He has 1000 faces and he can transform freely at will (laughs)

Mino: Seunghoon-san is in charge of choreography and his dance sense is wonderful. Also, he’s skilled at talking.

Seunghoon: I’ve got gag sense too. I think I’m a genius (laughs).

Seungyoon: When the 4 of us are together we talk about food a lot.

Seunghoon: “What should we eat tonight?”, “When we’re done here where should we go? ”

Mino: And at the end of that discussion, it’s always abura- soba (laughs).

Seunghoon: We’re all hooked on Japan’s abura-soba. Coming to Japan this time, we had it 3 days in a row!

Seungyoon: Maybe we should talk about work now (laughs). Our new song, REALLY REALLY is a tropical house sound. The main point in our choreography is “look at our new shoes” (laughs).

Seunghoon: It’s a dance where you point at your own shoes as if to brag, and I want you to dance it with us too (*probably meaning the interviewer).

Seungyoon: For the song, Jinwoo’s part at the chorus is the biggest point I think.

Jinwoo: Aishite~ru💙 (I love you part in Japanese, in Japan vers. It’s “I love you” & not “I like you”).

Seungyoon: In Iyrics expressing the heart-flutteringness of love, it’s the killer part that expresses the feeling of love straightforwardly.

Jinwoo: During recording, I thought of the members while singing it. The fans too of course, but the members because I love them!

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WINNER’s Interview with Mini Magazine September 2017


After becoming 4, speaking afresh about “true” things!



FATE NUMBER FOR that was the fresh start for WINNER became # 1 on 7 of Korea’s famous sites. In addition, it also became # 1 on the iTunes album charts in 21 countries, showing good results. Just as lively and fun as they were last time, we bring you WINNER 💙

Birthday March 30, 1993
In charge of Rap.
When we gave him a natto roll from a high-end supermarket, as soon as he ate it he was overjoyed and gave us a high-five.

Birthday January 11, 1992
In charge of Rap & Dance.
We were surprised at the level of improvement of his Japanese! A kind man full of accommodating spirit who livens up the conversation!!

Birthday September 26, 1991
In charge of Vocal.
Jinwoo-san, who smiled while watching over his lively younger brothers. The phrase of live singing that he sang for us was wonderful💙

Birthday January 21, 1994
Leader & in charge of Vocal.
During the photo shoot, he was tickled by the members and collapsed in agony! The maknae leader was very loved.

Getting straight to the point, on the big hit of your new song!! Congratulations!!! What do you think the reason is that this song has gotten so much support?

Jinwoo: Hmmm, because it’s a good song! (laughs)

Seungyoon: I think it is thanks to the fans who waited for us for a long time, but also I think that it was good that through WINNER becoming 4, we were able to bring out a new, good energy. We thought to make a different style of song than the ones we had until now.

How was REALLY REALLY made?

Seungyoon: Generally, we made it with me making the melody and structure of the song, and then asking the 2 rappers to make their parts.

For each of you, what is your favorite part in the song?

Seungyoon: The bridge. At first I was making it by myself but it was a bit difficult so I asked Mino to do it and right away! He made it for me!!

Mino: In about 10 minutes!!

Seungyoon: It was solved right away!

Jinwoo: I like the “aishiteru” part. (*Jpn vers. “I love you”/ Kr. Vers. “I like you)


In the Korean version it’s the “Neol Joahae” part, right? That part really matched Jinwoo’s voice well, it was truly great!

Jinwoo: (overjoyed)

Seungyoon: It was a success!! (high fives Jinwoo with both hands)

The way Jinwoo-san sang that part with such confidence really hit home.

Jinwoo: Neol Joahae

(all of them clap!)

Jinwoo: Seungyoon-kun gave me this part.

Seungyoon: Yes, it was a big success, we did it!!

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