WINNER’s Interview with JUNON Magazine September 2017



“FATE NUMBER FOR” is in the middle of being a big hit. It’s an appearance in JUNON after a long time!

The talented boys’ group from Korea came back after approximately a year. WINNER, whose fan event tour was a great success and new single “FATE NUMBER FOR” is creating a big buzz. Along with the members’ appeals, & going along with the theme of their double title songs, “REALLY REALLY” & “FOOL” we will ask them about their romantic situations. With some absentminded remarks mixed in, their Japanese talk heats up!

Hooked on Japan’s abura-soba, we are eating it every day

Seunghoon: We’re BIGBANG’S younger brother group. The catalyst for our debut was the 2013 Korean program “WIN: Who Is NEXT” and on it we fought with iKON from the same company.

Seungyoon: It wasn’t a fight! (laughs). We had a performance competition over the right to debut.

Seunghoon: So then we won and debuted as WINNER.

Jinwoo: Our leader, Seungyoon, is the best at Japanese.  And his smile is wonderful. And he is very sexy.

Seungyoon: What part is especially sexy–?

Jinwoo: Eh?…that’s a secret (laughs).

Seunghoon: He is a leader we can count on. He remembers all the things that we don’t like, and he will be considerate about them in subtle ways.

Seungyoon: Jinwoo is like an aristocrat.

Seunghoon: Even when he is drinking water, it seems as if he is drinking wine (laughs).

Seungyoon: He is truly a pure person, and his face and his personality are both kind. Isn’t that right?

Jinwoo: Yes, I’m super-kind (laughs).

Seungyoon: Mino has great sense in rap and lyric composition, and he’s good at drawing, he is a person overflowing with artistic sense.

Jinwoo: And he’s good at impersonations

Seunghoon: Like famous celebrities from Korea or dinosaurs, etc.

Jinwoo: He has 1000 faces and he can transform freely at will (laughs)

Mino: Seunghoon-san is in charge of choreography and his dance sense is wonderful. Also, he’s skilled at talking.

Seunghoon: I’ve got gag sense too. I think I’m a genius (laughs).

Seungyoon: When the 4 of us are together we talk about food a lot.

Seunghoon: “What should we eat tonight?”, “When we’re done here where should we go? ”

Mino: And at the end of that discussion, it’s always abura- soba (laughs).

Seunghoon: We’re all hooked on Japan’s abura-soba. Coming to Japan this time, we had it 3 days in a row!

Seungyoon: Maybe we should talk about work now (laughs). Our new song, REALLY REALLY is a tropical house sound. The main point in our choreography is “look at our new shoes” (laughs).

Seunghoon: It’s a dance where you point at your own shoes as if to brag, and I want you to dance it with us too (*probably meaning the interviewer).

Seungyoon: For the song, Jinwoo’s part at the chorus is the biggest point I think.

Jinwoo: Aishite~ru💙 (I love you part in Japanese, in Japan vers. It’s “I love you” & not “I like you”).

Seungyoon: In Iyrics expressing the heart-flutteringness of love, it’s the killer part that expresses the feeling of love straightforwardly.

Jinwoo: During recording, I thought of the members while singing it. The fans too of course, but the members because I love them!

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