WINNER’s Interview in Jelly Magazine August 2017


Reborn WINNER’s Momentum is Unstoppable!


Popular boys’ group WINNER appears in Jelly for the first time! After overcoming the trouble of a member leaving last year, they have powered-up and returned. Sexy and stylish, but with mischievous smiles and an overflowingly accommodating spirit… We will approach these 4 who captivate you more the more you know about them!

After Becoming 4

Seunghoon: After a member left, we and our company staff were worried if we could go on as 4.

Seungyoon: At first we were really worried, but we thought the important thing was to make good music. As I thought we would need a fresh song different from our image until now, I made a dance number like REALLY REALLY.

Seunghoon: Because the dance positions change with an even number of people compared to an odd number, coming up with new lines of movement and fixing the choreography was tough.

Jinwoo: For the album preparation, I did concentrated on vocal training. As I thought to change my vocalization.

Seunghoon: Jinwoo-kun’s skin is pretty and he manages it well💙.

Seungyoon: We are talking about vocals right now, so please concentrate! (laughs)

Mino: (laughs) My voice is originally quite low and manly-sounding, so in order to make it easier to listen to I worked to rap in a more natural tone.

Seungyoon: That is being utilized in our new song!

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