WINNER’s Interview with Glitter Magazine September 2017

4 Beautiful Men Who Flew Down From Korea, WINNER

(*note: they’re using the same verb as in “angels who flew down from heaven)

WINNER, who were born from YG Entertainment’s survival show “WIN” and are known as a worldwide boys’ group continuing in the tradition of BIGBANG, appeared in GLITTER for the first time. With their Korean idol like beauty and coolness, they have a sensitive manliness that captures women’s hearts and doesn’t let go. We will focus on them, with their many hidden and varied charms💙.


“The time when I have a heart-fluttering feeling towards a woman…is the moment when there is waft of a good scent I think. I think men have a weak spot for scents.”


Is there a funny episode between the members?

Once Seunghoon, Seungyoon, and I were all walking in the city, and I can’t remember exactly the chain of events that led to it, but we ended up playing a game where whoever lost in rock paper-scissors had to “treat the others to something”. In the end, Seungyoon ended up losing, and we had him buy a bike. Yeah! It’s a pretty decent (*expensive) amount (laughs). Anyways, we thought we could use it between the members so we had him buy it, but our schedules have been busy so we haven’t been able to ride it even once. I want to ride it before Seungyoon says something about it (laughs)

What is your ideal date?

With this job, it’s pretty difficult to have a date outside, so I admire the idea of a “normal” date. I want to go out for a walk on a day with nice weather. If I had time, I’d like to go traveling to someplace close! If it’s Japan, I’d like to go to Sapporo. I like onsen (hot spring) & snowboarding, so I want to go during the winter time and really enjoy myself. The type of girl I like? I think a girl who eats well! Just watching them, I think they are cute. Also I like jeans style, so rather than skirts, I’m definitely on team pants. On top of that, if there is something also unique about their fashion that they stick to, it’ll be even better!

Concerning your unit with iKON’s BOBBY who you have a deep bond with even within YG

It was fun to sing a genre of song that I couldn’t, which is to say, I haven’t done with WINNER, it was very fresh, & was a very sti mulating experience, as I was able to participate in the lyric creation as well. If I were to make a unit within the members…. a rap hip-hop unit with Seunghoon would be fun! But with these members, whoever I were to pair up with, I think something new could be born & there would be a good synergy effect.


“In our new song, I want people to pay attention to the cohesiveness in our performance we show now after becoming 4”

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