[Admin Report] WINNER Everywhere Tour in Kuala Lumpur

Hello hello everyone! This is Eka, the sole owner and admin of fanblog inclebabies.com^^. I usually only write story about concert experience in my personal blog, but this time I decide to write it in my fanblog so my fellow inner circle can read it too! I also try to write in English for global inner circle, but please forgive my awful grammar^^.

Honestly, at first I only plan to watch WINNER concert in Jakarta. This is because I never come to an artist’s concert twice. Seriously. I’ve been to approximately 17 concerts of various artists from Japan, Korea, US, UK and other countries, but I never come to their concert for the 2nd time. WINNER is the first concert where I’ll come for more than once^^. I hate to admit this. But it seems I had this bad habit where after I watch the concert of my favorite artist, I become less interested in them. You know, like all your wish has been fulfilled so there’s nothing more. Strangely enough, the same thing doesn’t happen after I watched WINNER concert. Quite the contrary, watching WINNER once actually make me want to watch them more. If you guys curious about why I feel this way, then continue reading this article^^.

giphy (1)
Me, before the concert
Me, after the concert

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