[Video] 190123 WINNER di Arena Homme+ Instagram Update

WINNER’s Interview with ARENA HOMME + Magazine February 2019


“It would be nice for it to be like WINNER‘s 2018 — no more, no less. Though they would bring about an overwhelming amount of love with anything they would work on last year, WINNER claims that there are still wings that have yet to be spread. And that’s the reason why we shouldn’t take our eyes off of WINNER‘s tomorrow.


[Note: ARENA = AR, Seungyoon = SY, Mino = MN, Jinwoo = JW, Seunghoon = SH]

AR: It’s really a contradictory feeling. A part of us hopes WINNERs new single would be similar to ‘REALLY REALLY’ but we know, at the same time, that if it did sound similar, we would subconsciously find ourselves saying, “This sounds too similar.” And yet, if the vibe is completely different, we’d say, “This is kind of unfamiliar.” So how must WINNER attune themselves to such responses? Would the true solution be, then, to create music that satisfies WINNER?

MH: You’ve got the exact answer. That’s precisely it

SY: That’s why we aim to create music that we’d find fun to sing along listen to. That’s our standard.


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