WINNER’s Interview in Jelly Magazine August 2017


Reborn WINNER’s Momentum is Unstoppable!


Popular boys’ group WINNER appears in Jelly for the first time! After overcoming the trouble of a member leaving last year, they have powered-up and returned. Sexy and stylish, but with mischievous smiles and an overflowingly accommodating spirit… We will approach these 4 who captivate you more the more you know about them!

After Becoming 4

Seunghoon: After a member left, we and our company staff were worried if we could go on as 4.

Seungyoon: At first we were really worried, but we thought the important thing was to make good music. As I thought we would need a fresh song different from our image until now, I made a dance number like REALLY REALLY.

Seunghoon: Because the dance positions change with an even number of people compared to an odd number, coming up with new lines of movement and fixing the choreography was tough.

Jinwoo: For the album preparation, I did concentrated on vocal training. As I thought to change my vocalization.

Seunghoon: Jinwoo-kun’s skin is pretty and he manages it well💙.

Seungyoon: We are talking about vocals right now, so please concentrate! (laughs)

Mino: (laughs) My voice is originally quite low and manly-sounding, so in order to make it easier to listen to I worked to rap in a more natural tone.

Seungyoon: That is being utilized in our new song!

Production Stories about the New Song

Seungyoon: REALLY REALLY is a song in the tropical house genre that I was in to at the time, and I wanted to express WINNER’s youth through it. With FOOL, through the lyrics and the vibe, I consciously tried to make it the opposite of that.

Mino: The fact that they are two completely different songs is a big point.

Seungyoon: Also for FOOL, every one of us sings vocals, so you can hear the vocal skills of the rappers!

Seunghoon: I really like FOOL.

Mino: Compared to our other vocal songs, we put a lot of importance in showing an emotional feel while recording it.

Jinwoo: I think I was able to relax during the recording this time. Especially with REALLY REALLY because it was perfectly fitted to my voice and style.

Seungyoon: I was there when Jinwoo-kun was recording, and when he sang the 1st chorus part (Kor. vers “I like you”, Jpn. vers “I love you”) all the female staff screamed “KYAAA—-! It’s the killing part~💙” (laughs). I don’t think Jinwoo-kun noticed though.

Jinwoo: Oh, really? (shy smile)


First Song After a Year and the Feedback

Seungyoon: The release in Korea (before the Japanese vers) got a really big reaction so we were relieved.

Seunghoon: We did it! (fist-pumping pose)

Seungyoon: Honestly, until the very moment that we came back, we didn’t really expect anything. I thought the reaction would be less than when we were five.

Mino: But the reaction was so big that we were a little surprised.

Seunghoon: The chairman/president (*YG) of our company complimented us the most! (laughs).

Jinwoo: I would say my honest reaction was relief and surprise.

Seungyoon: We are truly grateful. Everyone compliments us saying it’s a really good song, but until we released it we didn’t have confidence in it. It was just the best style of song that we could make in our power at the time.

Seunghoon: Even if the person who makes the songs thinks a good song has been made!” there are many times when the response is not great.

Mino: There’s really no predicting how it will go so…

Seungyoon: That’s why I think we were fortunate this time. I want to work hard so we can get a big reaction from now on too!

(*some interviews use the word “president” for YG but this one used “chairman)

Japanese Activities for the First Time in a Year

Seungyoon: We had our first fan meeting in Japan after a long time. It took a long time & we became 4, so honestly we worried a lot whether the fans were still waiting for us. But the moment we were able to meet them, that worry disappeared! Inner Circle’s power is the best.

Jinwoo: We planned a surprise where we entered from the audience area and we could really feel everyone’s passion from close by so I was happy.

Seunghoon: Actually this fan meeting was originally going to only be 90 minutes but it ended up being about 130 minutes. It was so fun, it just ended up getting longer (laughs).

Jinwoo: Yeah, it was really fun. The cheers for the erformance parts were really loud too, and they gave us a lot of strength.

Mino: We always think to the fans “we’re sorry for always making you wait” but even despite that they always wait for us so we’re very grateful and we were truly happy to be able to meet them. (*at the fan meeting)


The Members Testify! Who is the #1 WINNER? Because it ‘s their first time appearing in JELLY, we had the members discuss each other’s # 1’s !


Seunghoon: Seungyoon is # 1 at “sexy” !

All of them: OOH~!

Seungyoon: As expected, it is so! (satisfied face)

Seunghoon: If you were to ask why, it’s because he is a free person who spends his time just in his underwear. Even if Seungyoon’s mother comes to our dorm, he meets her in his underwear. The rest of us will wear t-shirts etc, but Seungyoon is always just in his underwear around the house.

Seungyoon: It’s because I have confidence! (laughs)

Mino: Oh, you’re full of confidence (laughs)

Jinwoo: Not just his own mother, but even if the other members’ mothers visit he’s still just in his underwear (laughs)

All of them: (burst into laughter)

Mino: No matter whose mother it is he’ll just talk to them like “Ah~ Mother~ (laughs).

Seungyoon: It’s because I’m a son to all of them! Oh, but it’s not that I want to show them (my body)! That would just make me a pervert, wouldn’t it? (laughs). I just like being in a natural state of not wearing anything.

Jinwoo: He also sleeps in his underwear.

Seungyoon: In the dorm when I’m asleep or awake, even in winter I am just in my underwear!……..actually, is that sexy?

Seunghoon: Hey, for stage outfits Seungyoon-kun is dressed in see-through stuff too (laughs).

Seungyoon: That is true. Recently, for some reason I am in charge of see-through….

Mino: Ah! I think Seungyoon-kun is sexy when he is working.

Seungyoon: That! That is what I was waiting for!

All of them: (burst into laughter)

Mino: Seungyoon is a person who normally sleeps a lot, but for work time, he concentrates and cuts his sleep time to work to the best of his ability. I think that appearance is sexy!

Seungyoon: Thank you~

Seunghoon: Another area he is the “WINNER” of is the “amount of clothes”. Even though he doesn’t wear anything at home, he has the most clothes.

Seungyoon: That’s because I wear them outside! (laughs)

Seunghoon: You have a lot of clothes that I’ve never seen.

Seungyoon: I think all 4 of us have a lot of clothes, but I’m the type who can’t throw away clothes that I’ve had for a long time, so I have a lot of them left.


Seungyoon : As expected Jinwoo is # 1 at ………

Jinwoo: (leans forward in expectation) Tell me 🙂

Seungyoon: You already know on your own, don’t you? Jinwoo- kun ‘s face is #1 ! Aside from that I would say “butt”!

Seunghoon: Jinwoo-kun’s butt is very appealing! It is like a peach! He has a tight butt that makes you want to touch it. Apple hips!

Seungyoon: Ooh please show us a little.

Jinwoo: (stands up to show them/the interviewer)

All of them: (burst into laughter)

Seunghoon: At the dorm when Jinwoo goes to take a bath in just his underwear, I always touch his butt.

Mino: Hey! Wait a second that is too yabai! (*dangerous/risky) (laughs)

Seungyoon: Isn’t that too close? (laughs)

Seunghoon: I touch it with both hands like a high five. Jinwoo- kun’s butt makes me want to high five it

Seungyoon: Seunghoon-kun, you’re a bit of a pervert, aren’t you? (laughs)

Mino: I don’t touch it (wry smile) but it’s true his butt is firm and I think he is the owner of the #1 butt . Besides that, being kind and pure etc, there are other various things too.

Seungyoon: There is an absentminded side of him, but because he’s the oldest there are also many “older brother-like” qualities to him too. If there is trouble between us he will act as mediator.

Jinwoo: Not so much fights as to say differences of opinion.

Seunghoon: Recently, there was one concerning the fan meeting. When it was time to check the stage movements and practice the songs, our opinions split because Seungyoon-kun said we should practice in Japan but the other three thought it would be better to do it the day before in Korea.

Seungyoon: At that time, the oldest Jinwoo-san came in saying “now, now and mediated by putting our opinions together.

Jinwoo: The parts where I think I’m the WINNER are the balance of my body proportions and the thickness of my stubble

All of them: (laughs)

(*Seungyoon randomly started calling Jinwoo “Jinwoo-san” partway through)



Seunghoon: The part where Mino-kun wins is “the length of his belt”~!

All of them: (burst into laughter)

Seungyoon: Recently there is a belt that Mino bought.

Jinwoo: And that belt is reallllly long. The part hanging down reaches past his knees!

Mino: Ah~ a belt is really cute when it’s long, you know? (laughs)

Jinwoo: But after Mino-kun wore that long belt, other celebrities started imitating it. It was the same style as Mino- kun so I was a little surprised.

Seungyoon: That’s right, that’s why Mino-kun is WINNER’S fashionista! (laughs)

Seunghoon: Indeed, he did make the trend.

Jinwoo: Mino-kun is very fashionable! Also, you like earrings that are long like the ones you have on now too, right?

Mino: Maybe so. Ok, so we can say I’m the WINNER for the length of some things. But does that even make any sense? (laughs)

Seungyoon: Isn’t another one your “artistic” side? Whether it is drawing pictures, rap & music, or fashion, in any case when he makes something his ideas and point of view are fresh and he has a difference sense from others, so he’s a natural artist in that way.

Seunghoon: His right-brain must be well-developed.

Jinwoo: He can always draw illustrations quickly just like that too.

Seunghoon: Ok then, you should draw something now, please! (hands Mino a memo-pad and a pen)

Mino: Then, I will draw your (*the magazine writer and editor’s) picture.

Seungyoon: This is a service just for JELLY ~! (laughs)

Mino: Ok, it’s done~

All of them: Ooh~ as expected~.

Mino: I didn’t have time so it’s simple but it’s a present. Please put it in the magazine! (laughs)

Caption on Mino’s sketch: Even though he drew it in just 5 min, he grasped our characteristics well and it was so well done that all of the staff on site moaned just seeing it.


Seungyoon: Seunghoon-kun is the one of us who “has legs that are pretty and long”

Seunghoon: That’s right! (rolls up the hem of his pants to show the interviewer)

Mino: They are legs that are pretty like a model’sN~

Jinwoo: Are you doing upkeep on them? (laughs)

Seunghoon: What? H-hair? (laughs) I have leg hair! But I’m a man so I don’t do upkeep on it. Because I’m manly! Actually, I am working out doing squats! As I am aiming for apple hips like Jinwoo-kun.

Seungyoon: His legs might be prettier than a girl’s!? (laughs)

Mino : Another # 1 would be what is it?

Seungyoon: Kind?

Mino: Seunghoon-kun has a lot of appeals so I can’t narrow it down to one.

Seunghoon: Please specify in detail!

Mino: He is kind, and he is a “mood-maker” who lights up the room wherever he is.

Jinwoo: That’s true. At the fan meetings as well, he would liven things up and make people laugh.

Seungyoon: For example, when we have a schedule packed from morning to night, there are times we will feel tired, but Seunghoon-kun will say “Let’s work hard!” and encourage us. During interviews like this one as well, he is the one who sets the mood and pumps up everyone the most!

Seunghoon: That’s because I want to go home sooner! (laughs). It’s better if we work quickly/efficiently and our schedule ends early, right?

All of them: (laughs)

Jinwoo: It’s true that since Seunghoon-kun is around, we can have fun doing anything.

Seungyoon: Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Seunghoon: Can I say it by myself? My love for the fans is the biggest!

Seungyoon: That’s the same for all of us! (laughs)

Seunghoon: Other than that, out of all of us, if you search my name on the internet, the most results of other people with the same name come out (laughs).


(Trans of the small editor’s corner at the end of the magazine)


During WINNER’s interview, through the flow of the conversation Mino-san drew my picture (trembling) They were all such good people that I just came back having become a fan (The arrow indicates a place for the reader/audience to jokingly interject, in this context it’d be like interjecting how funny it is for her to go there for an interview and just come back being a fan )

Scans via @YG_WINNER. Translation credit to @rara_rai0n.

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