WINNER’s Interview with Mini Magazine September 2017


After becoming 4, speaking afresh about “true” things!



FATE NUMBER FOR that was the fresh start for WINNER became # 1 on 7 of Korea’s famous sites. In addition, it also became # 1 on the iTunes album charts in 21 countries, showing good results. Just as lively and fun as they were last time, we bring you WINNER 💙

Birthday March 30, 1993
In charge of Rap.
When we gave him a natto roll from a high-end supermarket, as soon as he ate it he was overjoyed and gave us a high-five.

Birthday January 11, 1992
In charge of Rap & Dance.
We were surprised at the level of improvement of his Japanese! A kind man full of accommodating spirit who livens up the conversation!!

Birthday September 26, 1991
In charge of Vocal.
Jinwoo-san, who smiled while watching over his lively younger brothers. The phrase of live singing that he sang for us was wonderful💙

Birthday January 21, 1994
Leader & in charge of Vocal.
During the photo shoot, he was tickled by the members and collapsed in agony! The maknae leader was very loved.

Getting straight to the point, on the big hit of your new song!! Congratulations!!! What do you think the reason is that this song has gotten so much support?

Jinwoo: Hmmm, because it’s a good song! (laughs)

Seungyoon: I think it is thanks to the fans who waited for us for a long time, but also I think that it was good that through WINNER becoming 4, we were able to bring out a new, good energy. We thought to make a different style of song than the ones we had until now.

How was REALLY REALLY made?

Seungyoon: Generally, we made it with me making the melody and structure of the song, and then asking the 2 rappers to make their parts.

For each of you, what is your favorite part in the song?

Seungyoon: The bridge. At first I was making it by myself but it was a bit difficult so I asked Mino to do it and right away! He made it for me!!

Mino: In about 10 minutes!!

Seungyoon: It was solved right away!

Jinwoo: I like the “aishiteru” part. (*Jpn vers. “I love you”/ Kr. Vers. “I like you)


In the Korean version it’s the “Neol Joahae” part, right? That part really matched Jinwoo’s voice well, it was truly great!

Jinwoo: (overjoyed)

Seungyoon: It was a success!! (high fives Jinwoo with both hands)

The way Jinwoo-san sang that part with such confidence really hit home.

Jinwoo: Neol Joahae

(all of them clap!)

Jinwoo: Seungyoon-kun gave me this part.

Seungyoon: Yes, it was a big success, we did it!!

How about you, Seunghoon-san?

Seunghoon: Not to say the part (of the song), but I like the dance at the chorus part. The “look at my new shoes” dance!

Seungyoon: Please show us!

Seunghoon: (starts dancing right there!)

Mino: In my rap part, “Honey Baby or is it Darling” is my favorite! It’s a part full of appeals!

FOOL is another song with appeal.

Seungyoon: After becoming 4, I think we have become able to do things musically in performance and style that we couldn’t do until now. Each member prepared a lot.

What did you think when you first heard this song?

Jinwoo: I liked FOOL better. REALLY REALLY is a song that suits the current season quite well so of course I love it too, but I thought somehow that FOOL was a really easy song to listen to. Also, in FOOL the rappers sing!


I thought that WINNER’s rappers are good at singing too!

Jinwoo: They are good, right! They are the best! More than the vocal line! That’s the thing that left the biggest impression (laughs).

Seungyoon: I think so too!!

Mino: Thank you (laughs). The vocal line is good at rapping (laughs). I’m kidding (laughs). I think the main melody has a mysterious appeal. It stayed in my head for a long time (sings part of the melody) I thought that this melody part really leaves an impression.

Seunghoon: In Korea, if you were to say “WINNER-like music, many would have the image of a poetic ballad Like WINNER’s debut song EMPTY. When I first heard FOOL, it gave me a “WINNER-like” impression


How was the MV filming in LA?

Seungyoon: First of all, the most important thing to say is that for the filming of REALLY REALLY we were able to work the very esteemed director, Dave Meyers. It was truly an honor so it became a good memory. Also, when you think of LA, I think there is the image of good weather and beautiful sea & sky but the weather was bad just when we were filming (sob). The local staff said it was quite rare (laughs).

Seunghoon: They said it was a once in a year kind of thing. But it rained for 2 days (sob) (*the sobs are written jokingly).

Mino: But just for our free time, the weather was super good (laughs)

Seungyoon: Yes, that in itself was a happy thing (laughs). Going shopping, swimming together in the hotel pool, going for walks etc, we were able to make many happy memories.

Seunghoon: I had fun spending time with you guys too.

Jinwoo: It was fun going for walks~

Seunghoon: When we went to buy SUPREME, we lined up  for about 100 meters and we all waited together (laughs).

Seungyoon: For about 40 minutes?

Seunghoon: That’s right! There were some customers from Korea too, and they said “Ah! Isn’t that WINNER!?”. SUPREME is a USA brand so it was really cheap there! We bought a lot!!

Now that you’ve become 4, what are your goals and dreams for the future?

Seungyoon: I think that through our new songs, we were able to show the new image of the 4 person WINNER. As well as our individuality, I want to show many, many more people the 4 of us from now on. And more than anything, our goal as WINNER is that those who listen to our music become “WINNERs” too. That everyone can become happy (*through listening), that is the most important thing.

How was it at the Fan club event, standing before the fans as the 4-person WINNER?

Seungyoon: Before preparing the fan event tour, we worried a bit. As we thought that the fans in Japan might be worrying about WINNER who had become 4. But when we met the fans, that worry all disappeared.

Jinwoo & Mino: It flew away~!

Seungyoon: For the fans, no matter what form WINNER is in, they will just support us anyway………. so our worries all disappeared.

Seunghoon: And we want to go to an even bigger stage too…!

Seungyoon: Hm? The part about dreams is already over now! Concentrate please (laughs).

Seunghoon: Sorry, that was the part from before, wasn’t it (laughs).


Recently are there any happenings that took place at your dorm!? Last time during the interview you told us about the time when a large typhoon came so you worried and put newspaper all over the windows only for the typhoon not to show ups (laughs).

Seunghoon: Ah~! That’s right, we did ~ (laughs). Now we are still living together in the dorm, but we are also raising a dog and cats. There are a lot of episodes related to our pets~

All of them: There are~.

Seunghoon: Currently in Korea there is a TV program, “Animal Farm” that has been loved for more than 10 years. When we went on the radio in Korea, we said we wanted to appear on that program. From elementary school kids to 90 year old grandmothers, it’s a program beloved by everyone so it’s unthinkable that an idol could be on it, but we were able to appear on that program!

Jinwoo: An offer came from the program’s producer….!!

That’s ama-zing!! Saying what you want out loud pay off it seems!!

Seunghoon: Is there an animal program on TV in Japan too?

There is! There is a program called “Shimura Doubutsuen” (Shimura Zoo)!!

Seunghoon: Is it famous!?

It’s super famous Shimura Ken-san is a nationally renowned comedian!!

Seungyoon: We want to appear there!

Well……in that case you can make your appeal here and we can pray that your wish makes it to the ears of the production staff~!! It seems you all really like animals~

Mino: We love them! Because animals are our friends~


You post about them on your SNS too!

Seunghoon: That’s right! SNS! I have an SNS for my dog, too!! (shows them) .It’s this!! Here is where we post about the dog and cats we are raising. Please follow our SNS!

Jinwoo & Seungyoon: Ahahahaha

Seunghoon: Please check out our animals!

Seungyoon: Watching the animals as they grow is really fun.

Mino: From now on we should work hard to update them in Japanese too!

I think everyone (*fans/readers) would like it! Also, the fans in Japan are looking forward to you coming to Japan again!

Seungyoon: Of course! We are preparing for a new album & promotion in Korea right now, so in Japan as well soon! Whether a fan event or a concert, I don’t know but soon….!

Seunghoon: Our hearts live in Japan. They are always living here (laughs).

That’s great (laughs) Then keep half in Korea and half here please!

All of them: OK!

Tell us the ” true ” WINNER !! Who is the # 1…….?

Q1. Who is the most easily moved to tears!?

Seunghoon: Seungyoon! (pretends to start crying)……..that was my imitation of Seungyoon about to cry (laughs).

Seungyoon: That was all an act (laughs).

All of them: (burst into laughter).

Seunghoon: Seungyoon-kun is in charge of the last MC part during our stages, and since it’s the end he thinks he should try to making it touching for everyone. “Everyone…….. thank you……… (starts the crying imitation again).

Seungyoon: I’m in charge of being about to cry, but Seunghoon-kun is charge of tears. I think it’s Seunghoon kun because he cries while sleeping/lying down. Before he was lying down watching a movie and….

Seunghoon: I was watching a Disney movie called “Storks” and I cried. Have you seen it? It’s about the importance of family & familial love and I cried.

Seungyoon: The other 3 of us can’t quite understand it, but there is a crying point (*in the movie) that only Seunghoon- kun gets (laughs).

Mino: I also saw that movie but… was just a fun movie…. (laughs).

Seunghoon: 2 characters become a team and work together to accomplish a difficult task. Then at the end of the movie, one of them meets their family and they say goodbye, but at that time the familial love is…

Seungyoon & Mino: Oh is that so~ (blankly/without feeling)

Jinwoo: Oh I see~ (blankly/without feeling)

Seungyoon: Let’s go to the next person! Jinwoo-kun, why do you think it’s Mino-kun?

Jinwoo: It’s obvious!

Seungyoon: I know but (laughs).

Jinwoo: For Mino-kun, when someone else is crying, he catches it right away.

Seunghoon: That’s right, not as an act, but he is pulled in and will cry with them

Seungyoon: Actually I’ve thought about it, and Jinwoo-kun is the same way (laughs).

Mino: That’s right, that’s why I thought it was Jinwoo-kun (laughs).

You all catch the crying from each other (laughs).

Jinwoo: That’s right. Friend! (shakes hands with Mino)

Q2. Who do you think will get married first!?

Seunghoon: Seungyoon-kun! As he’s in a two person family with his mother, so he can give her a grandchild sooner! For his mother, I thought he’d want to make a lot of family quickly.

(Everyone claps)

Seungyoon: I’ll work hard!

Seunghoon: Well, it’s my hope really (laughs).

Seungyoon: I also thought me for that reason. As a child I was always alone and my mother and l just lived together as two so I want to make a family quickly.


I think if it’s Seungyoon-san, you could certainly make a warm family! For this question it seems that Jinwoo-san and Mino-san both chose Seunghoon-san.

Jinwoo: His image (laughs).

Seunghoon: (bursts into laughter) What do you mean image-!

Mino: One day! Suddenly! It seems like he’d just announce “I’m getting married tomorrow.” (bursts into laughter).

Seungyoon & Jinwoo: A sudden marriage announcement! (burst into laughter).

Seunghoon: Even though you wouldn’t even know I had a girlfriend (bursts into laughter himself).

Seungyoon: Even though we wouldn’t know he had a girlfriend, suddenly marriage (bursts into laugher).

Jinwoo: It seems like something he’d do~!!

Q3. Who has the most two-faced/double-faceted personality!? -on the count of three!

All of them: (point to Seunghoon and burst into laughter)

Seunghoon: It’s a yabai Hoon-chan (yabai dangerous/ risky).

Mino: He has a split personality!

Seungyoon: He’s a yabai person!

Jinwoo: He’s yabai!

Seunghoon: On the stage I only show a bright/cheery side, but I also have always had a darker side too (laughs).

Mino: That is his appeal.

Seunghoon: Is it an appeal point–?

Jinwoo: You don’t like to cause problems for others, right?

Seunghoon: Yes. At home I am quietly, with my dog, just sleeping.

Mino: You can tell your dog anything, right?

Seunghoon: In front of my dog who will understand everything, I can show all of myself (laughs).

Q4. Who seems like they would be the most clingy/ affectionate with their girlfriend!?

Seungyoon: Mino-kun! Because he has a lot of aegyo! (*cuteness/affection). If he had a girlfriend he’d show her aegyo too, or (if on stage) a warm~ MC comment……

Seunghoon: It seems like he received a lot of love from his parents while being raised? He’s close to his family and even now he still kisses his mom!

Mino: Now I…..

Seunghoon: Ahahahaha, now you can’t do it anymore? (laughs).

Seungyoon: I witnessed it~ (laughs).

Mino: L-last year?

Seungyoon: Recently!

Mino: When?

Seunghoon: Recently~! You kissed your mom, didn’t you!!

Mino: Do you remember!? (*written in English in the middle of the Japanese interview)

Seunghoon: I’ve seen it~

Seungyoon: We don’t kiss our mothers ever~

Seunghoon: We don’t kiss them~ (laughs).

Mino: It was a performance (laughs).

Seungyoon & Seunghoon & Jinwoo: (burst into laughter).

Seungyoon: Mino-kun originally has a lot of aegyo.

Seunghoon: Hopefully he can show more aegyo from now on too (laughs). Mino-kun also has aegyo towards his friends too.

Jinwoo: I also think it’s Mino-kun, because he always has aegyo, I think if he had a girlfriend they’d be lovey-dovey.

Mino: I think it’s Jinwoo-kun. With Jinwoo-kun……….

Jinwoo: (silently gazes at Mino)

Mino: He makes that face! He’s showing it without even thinking! With that, I think his girlfriend would get hooked.

Seunghoon: I picked myself. I’m a cutie down to the bones.

Seungyoon: Huh!

Jinwoo: How could you say it by yourself!

Mino: Otsukaresama desu (you’ve worked hard).

Jinwoo & Seungyoon: Otsukaresama desu (you’ve worked hard).

(*basically they’re saying “you’ve worked hard” in a jokingly patronizing way in response to him calling himself a cutie).


Q5. Who seems like they’ll be the most popular with girls!?

Jinwoo: Seunghoon-kun! Before when Seunghoon-kun was taking his puppy for a walk, women went “Wah~~~💙” and came closer!

Seungyoon: I think it’s Seunghoon-kun too! It’s the same reason, but in Korea whenever he has time, Seunghoon-kun always goes on a walk with his puppy. And when he goes out on a walk, he is surrounded by women. And he orders his puppy like this, “Haute? Haute-chan?….go get that girl’s number (whisper whisper)” (bursts into laughter).

Jinwoo & Mino: (burst into laughter)

Seunghoon: What~! Lies~!!

Now~ it’s not good to tell lies, is it~? (laughs).

Seungyoon: It’s a joke!

Seunghoon: I love Haute-chan💙

Seungyoon: That is the real reason he is raising a puppy (laughs). Sorry, that’s a joke.

Seunghoon: I’m not popular, but my puppy has a lot of popularity~!! So the one who is the most popular with girls is my dog!

Mino: I think it’s Seunghoon-kun too!

Ooh, 3 votes for Seunghoon-san!!

Mino: Seunghoon-kun has a lot of appeals but he doesn’t act shy with girls. So he is the type who can become close with them quickly.

Seungyoon: That’s right. But other than me, the others all have female siblings. I’m an only child, but Seunghoon-kun has two older sisters.

Seunghoon: That’s comple~tely unrelated!

Seungyoon: It is related! Jinwoo-kun has an older sister and a younger sister and Mino-kun has a younger sister, right? Seunghoon-kun, especially because he’s the youngest, for him being clingy/affectionate etc…

Ah~ as he’s used to communicating with women, he’s good at it, you mean?

Mino: That’s right, and he has aegyo too.

Jinwoo: He doesn’t have aegyo with his family!

Seunghoon: I don’t talk to my sisters very much~

Seungyoon: Ah, really? From the time you were a child?

Seunghoon: Yeah.

Seungyoon: Is that so, so my thinking was incorrect?(laughs).

Scans credit to @savearu. Translation credit to @rara_rai0n.

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