WINNER’s Interview with JUNON Magazine September 2017



“FATE NUMBER FOR” is in the middle of being a big hit. It’s an appearance in JUNON after a long time!

The talented boys’ group from Korea came back after approximately a year. WINNER, whose fan event tour was a great success and new single “FATE NUMBER FOR” is creating a big buzz. Along with the members’ appeals, & going along with the theme of their double title songs, “REALLY REALLY” & “FOOL” we will ask them about their romantic situations. With some absentminded remarks mixed in, their Japanese talk heats up!

Hooked on Japan’s abura-soba, we are eating it every day

Seunghoon: We’re BIGBANG’S younger brother group. The catalyst for our debut was the 2013 Korean program “WIN: Who Is NEXT” and on it we fought with iKON from the same company.

Seungyoon: It wasn’t a fight! (laughs). We had a performance competition over the right to debut.

Seunghoon: So then we won and debuted as WINNER.

Jinwoo: Our leader, Seungyoon, is the best at Japanese.  And his smile is wonderful. And he is very sexy.

Seungyoon: What part is especially sexy–?

Jinwoo: Eh?…that’s a secret (laughs).

Seunghoon: He is a leader we can count on. He remembers all the things that we don’t like, and he will be considerate about them in subtle ways.

Seungyoon: Jinwoo is like an aristocrat.

Seunghoon: Even when he is drinking water, it seems as if he is drinking wine (laughs).

Seungyoon: He is truly a pure person, and his face and his personality are both kind. Isn’t that right?

Jinwoo: Yes, I’m super-kind (laughs).

Seungyoon: Mino has great sense in rap and lyric composition, and he’s good at drawing, he is a person overflowing with artistic sense.

Jinwoo: And he’s good at impersonations

Seunghoon: Like famous celebrities from Korea or dinosaurs, etc.

Jinwoo: He has 1000 faces and he can transform freely at will (laughs)

Mino: Seunghoon-san is in charge of choreography and his dance sense is wonderful. Also, he’s skilled at talking.

Seunghoon: I’ve got gag sense too. I think I’m a genius (laughs).

Seungyoon: When the 4 of us are together we talk about food a lot.

Seunghoon: “What should we eat tonight?”, “When we’re done here where should we go? ”

Mino: And at the end of that discussion, it’s always abura- soba (laughs).

Seunghoon: We’re all hooked on Japan’s abura-soba. Coming to Japan this time, we had it 3 days in a row!

Seungyoon: Maybe we should talk about work now (laughs). Our new song, REALLY REALLY is a tropical house sound. The main point in our choreography is “look at our new shoes” (laughs).

Seunghoon: It’s a dance where you point at your own shoes as if to brag, and I want you to dance it with us too (*probably meaning the interviewer).

Seungyoon: For the song, Jinwoo’s part at the chorus is the biggest point I think.

Jinwoo: Aishite~ru💙 (I love you part in Japanese, in Japan vers. It’s “I love you” & not “I like you”).

Seungyoon: In Iyrics expressing the heart-flutteringness of love, it’s the killer part that expresses the feeling of love straightforwardly.

Jinwoo: During recording, I thought of the members while singing it. The fans too of course, but the members because I love them!


I want to have a romance with a woman from Japan and say “Aishiteru” (*I love you)

Seungyoon: If I were in love, I think I would be direct like the lyrics of this song.

Mino: If it’s me, hmm….

Jinwoo: I think Mino would try to act cool.

Mino: What? Why? I have lots of aegyo? (*charms / cuteness)

Seungyoon: Usually Mino has lots of aegyo and is a cute person, but in front of someone he likes I think he would become cool.

Mino: Ah, I might be shy then.

Seunghoon: Then I think you should express your feeling through rap! *in a rap tone* I-want-to-tell-you! About-this- feeling! (laughs).

Jinwoo: I would confess on my own.

Mino: That should also be through song (laughs).

Jinwoo: Aishite~ru💙

Seunghoon: I want to say those words too. I want to say “Aishiteru” in Japanese. I think the women of Japan are really cute!

Jinwoo: I am drawn to women with pretty faces. I like people who have a pure aura to them.

Seungyoon: I think the face and heart are both important, but I put more importance on the figure and overall balance of proportions. For personality, as long it’s not a bad person it’s ok. Whatever fault they have, I can cover them all. Because I think I can change their inner substance.

Mino: What about your own personality?

Seungyoon: Ah, that I can’t change… (laughs).

Mino: I like a person who eats food well & deliciously.

Seunghoon: Recently for self-management, Mino doesn’t eat much at night.

Mino: That’s why if I were to go on a date, lunch or breakfast would be good. Like Gyudon (beef bowl).

Seunghoon: You’re going to eat gyudon first thing in the morning?

Mino: Yeah. I want to go on a gyudon date!


If I have heartbreak, I’II write down my sad feelings right away and turn them into lyrics

Jinwoo: “FOOL” is a song of lost love but if I had a love that ended, I wouldn’t drag it on like the lyrics. However, a long time ago there was just 1 time when I cried.

Mino: Because Jinwoo-san cries easily.

Jinwoo: But I only cried about lost love once. That time to forget about it I played games and dove headfirst into my hobbies.

Seungyoon: When I have heartbreak, I don’t do anything like get stuck in the sad feelings and suffer. I will make a memo of those feelings in my cellphone and then turn it o lyrics later. ….it’s kind of a bad person thing to do (laughs).

Mino: Did you write FOOL’s lyrics like that too?

Seungyoon: In reality I’m not the type to regret like the character in FOOL, so that was my imagination.

Mino: I’m the opposite to Seungyoon-san, and am the type to get stuck in the sadness so I write lyrics while still in that state. Also I am the same as Jinwoo in that I dive into hobbies or go drinking with my friends.

Seunghoon: For me, both good things and bad things I forget right away. Because I have a poor memory.

Seungyoon: It’s your memory’s fault? (laughs).

Seunghoon: That’s right. It’s just really bad, I really do just forget (laughs). More than that, the future is important. Even if you don’t work hard to find a new love, if it’s destined I think you can definitely meet them!

Seungyoon: Like these lyrics, is there something recently where you thought “I’m such a fool”?

Mino: There are too many foolish things (laughs).

Seunghoon: Eating Abura-soba every day is foolish (laughs). If I eat it at 11pm at night, it’ll make my stomach heavy until the next morning. Even though I think it’d be better not to eat it, because I know I can’t eat it when I return to Korea, even if it’s late I eat a lot. I’m making that mistake every day.

Jinwoo: I think it when I’m playing games. Because I get totally absorbed in it and buy items in the game. And I sigh and think I’m a such a fool (laughs).

Mino: When I drink alcohol and get drunk, I go online and buy expensive things on the internet. Recently, through that I impulse bought an expensive camera. It’s wasteful (not to use it) so I’ve been taking a lot of pictures of the members.

Seungyoon: Until now we did most of our concerts and events in large city areas but from now on we want to go to lots of regional areas and have a national tour. There are lots of people who wanted to see us but couldn’t, so we want to go meet them.

Jinwoo: I want to study Japanese more until all of us can speak as well as a Japanese person. And then I want to go on a talk show too.

Mino: For the fans in Japan, I want to release an original album for Japan or release lots of original songs etc. Please look forward to it.

Seunghoon: In our private time, I’d like to go to onsen (hot spring) together with the members. Before, when we went around with BIGBANG as the opening act of their concert, we went to an onsen in Sapporo. Snow was falling and the atmosphere was really great. I can’t forget that. I want to go again during the snowy season!


Behind the scenes stories: WINNER
They really are close, truly.
Even if they do wrist flicks, they are close (laughs).

WINNER-san, who we were able to interview again after a long time. They were really close, like when one member was having their solo shots taken, the others would watch over them. During the interview part, when one of them was talking, the others would gaze at the member who was talking. When we had them play a game with cards, even though they made up a rule by themselves that the loser had to get a wrist flick as punishment, if it was too strong they’d apologize, or they’d do a really really nice/ soft wrist flick. Just thinking back over it, there are this many close episodes between them. It gives such a warm & fuzzy feeling–💙

*this part is written by the magazine editor or interviewer and was at the end of the JUNON issue in a corner full of interview behind-the-scenes stories.

Scans credit to @y8n_yuri. Translation credit to @rara_rai0n.

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