WINNER’s Interview with Glitter Magazine September 2017

4 Beautiful Men Who Flew Down From Korea, WINNER

(*note: they’re using the same verb as in “angels who flew down from heaven)

WINNER, who were born from YG Entertainment’s survival show “WIN” and are known as a worldwide boys’ group continuing in the tradition of BIGBANG, appeared in GLITTER for the first time. With their Korean idol like beauty and coolness, they have a sensitive manliness that captures women’s hearts and doesn’t let go. We will focus on them, with their many hidden and varied charms💙.


“The time when I have a heart-fluttering feeling towards a woman…is the moment when there is waft of a good scent I think. I think men have a weak spot for scents.”


Is there a funny episode between the members?

Once Seunghoon, Seungyoon, and I were all walking in the city, and I can’t remember exactly the chain of events that led to it, but we ended up playing a game where whoever lost in rock paper-scissors had to “treat the others to something”. In the end, Seungyoon ended up losing, and we had him buy a bike. Yeah! It’s a pretty decent (*expensive) amount (laughs). Anyways, we thought we could use it between the members so we had him buy it, but our schedules have been busy so we haven’t been able to ride it even once. I want to ride it before Seungyoon says something about it (laughs)

What is your ideal date?

With this job, it’s pretty difficult to have a date outside, so I admire the idea of a “normal” date. I want to go out for a walk on a day with nice weather. If I had time, I’d like to go traveling to someplace close! If it’s Japan, I’d like to go to Sapporo. I like onsen (hot spring) & snowboarding, so I want to go during the winter time and really enjoy myself. The type of girl I like? I think a girl who eats well! Just watching them, I think they are cute. Also I like jeans style, so rather than skirts, I’m definitely on team pants. On top of that, if there is something also unique about their fashion that they stick to, it’ll be even better!

Concerning your unit with iKON’s BOBBY who you have a deep bond with even within YG

It was fun to sing a genre of song that I couldn’t, which is to say, I haven’t done with WINNER, it was very fresh, & was a very sti mulating experience, as I was able to participate in the lyric creation as well. If I were to make a unit within the members…. a rap hip-hop unit with Seunghoon would be fun! But with these members, whoever I were to pair up with, I think something new could be born & there would be a good synergy effect.


“In our new song, I want people to pay attention to the cohesiveness in our performance we show now after becoming 4”


What is your role within the members?

Since I am the leader, I try to look at each member properly and make sure I can give them each the care that they need. Like trying to not use negative words and such. However, since I am the youngest, there are times when it is difficult finding a way to convey things. But we members truly are close, so there are lots of times when I am helped out in that area!

Concerning each member

First of all, Seunghoon is very powerful. His communication skills are one in a million! As a representative of WINNER, I think he is an existence loved by the fans. As a rapper, Mino is a genius. Compared to when he is on the stage, in daily life he’s a little absentminded, but maybe girls like that kind of gap? (laughs). Then if you are talking about the person in WINNER’s ikemen (*hot guy) role, it’s Jinwoo! Although he is a bidanshi (beautiful man), he also has a manly side to him, and is such a kind man that no matter who you ask they’d all say “he is kind”.

Concerning the new songs that you composed the music/ lyrics for

To tell you the truth, our new songs “REALLY REALLY” and “FOOL” were made in bed (laughs). Before when I was making songs I would go to the studio etc and start composing after deciding in my heart “I’ll do it now!”, but then I realized that composing in a more flat state was more suited to me. Since then, composing music/lyrics “in bed before sleeping” has become standard. I think for the fans, the change from 5 members to 4 was a very big thing. Because of this, I had a very strong feeling like “we must show them a power-uped version of us to meet their expectations!”, and I believe that our new songs show a side of us that is different and that we were able to express a different kind of music. I really hope a lot of people can listen to it!


“I’m proud of the quality of our teamwork! I would be happy if you can feel our growth through our new songs.”


What is your position within the members?

Well….it’s kind of strange to say it by myself, but I’m in charge of visuals (laughs), or so I am often told! Even like this, I am desperate to meet everyone’s expectations. I am trying to do various things in order to keep it up. Going to bed and waking up early, using a facial pack before bed, making sure to never miss out on healthy foods like bananas and blueberries, etc! Also, on days off I generally go to the dermatologist, for upkeep/maintenance.

How did you spend the preparation period before your comeback?

During the preparation period, there was the modern dance performance of “The Little Prince” so I spent that time busily/ hectically. It was an honor because I was the first idol to stand on the stage of the modern dance that is very popular in Korea. As there are many people who want to stand on that stage but can’t, I was truly happy that I was able to challenge such a new and appealing genre, and I am filled with feelings of gratitude about it.

As an individual & as a member, what is something you want to work hard at?

First of all, as an individual, I want to work on building the base for work as an actor, so my goal is to improve my acting skill! I also want to appear in many variety programs, as I like them a lot personally. I also want to study Japanese well, and get the opportunity to appear in Japanese television programs as well. As a member, I want to hold more events and concerts where the fans can feel close to us, and alternatively, standing on a really big stage is a dream for me, too.* To meet that goal, I would like to build up my efforts day by day. (*note: When he says “a really big stage”, he is talking about being able to have a concert in a large venue, where the distance from the fans watching is technically further so it is a little less intimate).


“Recently to study Japanese, I watched the movie “Kimi no na wa” (Your Name), and it really made me want to have a romance.”


What is something you’re hooked on recently?

Every day in Korea, some kind of music program is broadcast on TV. Maybe about 2 3 times a week or so? We also have the opportunity to perform there too, but being able to appear with other boys’ and girls’ groups on those programs is really fun! There is a feeling of camaraderie as well as lots of other parts where I can respect them too, so I feel like I receive a lot of good influences there. There is a feeling of getting hooked on it as well, like “I want to appear more!” Actually, I discovered my favorite idol (*group) there on one of the programs. But their name is a secret. Because if I said just one group name, the other groups would be sad! (laughs)

It’s kind of a cliché but…what type of woman do you like?

Hmmm…how to say. Someone with a strong sense of responsibility maybe? Somebody who is always on time or something like that. It’s something really ordinary, but I think a woman who pays attention to those small details is appealing. Also a “give and take” relationship is good too. A relationship where we can make up for each other’s shortcomings is ideal! Other than that, I think just a person who has a cute smile.

What do you do on your days off?

I like watching movies so on my days off I watch them a lot while studying Japanese at the same time. Recently I saw “Kimi no na wa” (Your Name) & “SING” etc….I also watched “Kame wa igai to hayaku oyogu” (Turtles are Surprisingly Fast Swimmers) starring Ueno Juri-san! They were all really good. Other than that, I also like Japanese anime so of course I’ve seen the big ones like “NARUTO”, “ONE PIECE”, & “Detective Conan”! Recently I like food/gourmet manga, and “Shokugeki no Soma” (Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma) is my favorite. When I read it, I am filled with the feeling “I want to eat something delicious!”, but then even if I invite Jinwoo out to eat, if it’s nighttime, with the excuse of “diet”, he absolutely won’t eat anything. Even though I want to eat together (laughs).

Scans credit to @savearu & @ayahoony111. Translation credit to @rara_rai0n.


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