WINNER’s Interview in High Cut Vol 205 September 2017 Issue

5389963bc8c233e604cfc698237035a4_hHCSioNIOHtS3pFIdbwcQKang SeungYoon

<Radio Star> the variety show that I want to be a fixed member of.. I want to make up for the last time when was a special MC.


On the first half of the year, you successfully made up for the long hiatus you had and you came back with a double title-track Love Me Love Me’ and ‘Island’ just after 4 months. 

Since way back, (I/we) really wanted to promote a song that suits the summer season so we came back quickly. If we had done it before, we wanted to show various sides so we chose to do a double title-track.

In April’s <High Cut> interview “As a person who writes songs the member I want to praise the most is Jinwoo hyung.” Who is it this time with this album?

I want to praise all the members. It’s an album made together with unison. Last time when we were reformed as a 4 member group it was true that Jinwoo hyung’s part increased. I want to say thank you again to Jinwoo hyung who’s perfectly kind.

We heard that you’re still doing fansigns. Was there a fan that gave a strong impression?

Recently SNS star Park MakRye halmoni* came to our fansign. (*halmoni = grandma)

You were casted in ShinWonho PD’s <Wise Prison Life>. We heard that you’re working out just in case for a revealing scene.

I can only say that my role is someone my age who uses a Gyungsang-do accent. On days that don’t have any schedule, I workout around 4 and I don’t eat anything  past 9.


I remember your acting was pretty natural in 2011’s <High Kick>. Any thoughts of continuing acting? 

If given a chance I will. l want to try a romantic ‘tsundere’ lead role.

It’s nice to see Winner in both variety  and and radio shows. In one show, Lee  Seunghoon said “When Seungyoon treats us food, he’s the kind that treats big”.

Recently when we ate out with the staff and I was the one who paid. (laughs)

In one program Song Minho said “l’m jealous of Seungyoon’s thick lower lip.” Choose which part you’re jealous of or the part you want to take away from each members?

I want to take Jinwoo hyung’s abs, Seunghoon hyung’s height and Minho’s great teeth.

Do you have any thoughts of being an active fixed member of a variety show like Song Minho?

It’ll be a great honor for me if any of the variety shows call me. Last time I was on <Radio Star> as special MC and maybe it’s because in my mind there were parts that I regret so I keep on thinking about it. If I get to be a fixed member, l’m confident that I’ll be able to show a new charm that didn’t get to show last time! I hope they invite me.

Lee Seunghoon

“If I want to receive love from 3 people? They’re MBC, SBS, KBS PDnims”.


You made the choreography for Fool from your last album. Did you also give ideas for this album too?

I personally made the gesture for my part “like that” in LMLM. I want to show a good choreography next time as well.

In the press conference for your album release you said “Winner members are all passing mid 20s. I think the word “YOUTH suits our age well”.  When do you specially think that you’re in your youth?

When I get big zits.

Do you feel the upward trend you have taken from Really Really up to now?

All thanks to our company’s full support. (laughs)

Both LMLM and Island are bright songs. Winner’s image was dark and It feels like it’s getting brighter.

Right. We pour our bright energy on stage and even though we’re exhausted when we get off our hearts are happy.


We heard that LMLM came from the idea of ‘wanting to be/receive love(d)’. Choose 3 people you want to receive love from?

MBC pdnim, SBS pdnim, KBS pdnim. I hope you help Winner to be be able to show our charms on broadcast. I hope you invite us a lot.

But Winner’s been actively doing great on variety programs, personally you gave a strong impression when you were on <Animal Farm>.

l’m an avid viewer. f get to be a fixed member of a show it’s definitely <Animal Farm>. I was on the show with my pet Haute and it was really a happy memory. I thought of my dog’s name for three whole days. I got a hint from my Japanese class, Ototo means little brother and I wanted to give it a little French feel so l gave him the name Haute.

In one show Song Minho said “Seunghoon has his own personal view on popular  restaurants and delicious food.” Can you  recommend any good places for our readers? 

If you like Japanese ramen then it’s Sangsu Ramen Truck, and if it’s Pyeongyang-style cold noodles I recommend Eulmildae.

You achieved a lot this year. Is there anything else you want to try?   

I want to sing a Carol in Winter. “You better not pout~” something like that.

Song Minho

“l watch <Show Me The Money 6… Ja Mezz and Haengju’s diss battle was impressive”.


Winner’s album is doing well and in favorable popularity <NJTTW ended. What’s your secret in doing well in both music and variety?

Instead of being greedy just to be funny, I present my own usual style. Like what I present when I do music.

You look more comfortable second time around on <NTTW>. Don’t you have moments that you think that you have improved a lot?

It’s good to hear that kind of words but I never thought that I’m good. Its all thanks to <NJTTW> staff and the hyungs l was with together. Thank you for filling me up when I was lacking a lot.

We heard that you took part in writing the songs this time, too. Which part did you focus and worked on?

With ‘Island’ I used specific words that will make you draw a picture in your mind. With ‘LMLM’ the usage of words that will catch one’s ears and I wanted to give the feeling of making the person you love higher with metaphorical expressions.

In <High Cuts> April issue interview you said “I worked hard to be able to do an energetic rap by making most of the melody on RR performance.” Which part did you put energy on this time?

With RR Seungyoon was the one who directed most of it and I paid more attention on my part. Since we worked together this time I took care of the song’s whole mood. I tried to take LMLM’s sophisticated mood.


The final season of <SMTM finally come to an end. As season 4’s runner up, must’ve been unusual for you, are you watching?

I watch it. I saw the diss battle between Ja Mezz whom I’m close with since <SMTM4> and Haengju. The lyrics are amazing.

Your cousin ( ? ) #GUN wasn’t able to show a good image on <SMTM5>. Rapper to rapper, what do you think is his good points musically?

Geonhee ( #GUN )’s unique ever since. He might be able to come out with music that you can’t understand for he just does what he please and doesn’t compromise with the world. But I think when he becomes more refined he’ll pour music that’s fresh and that has a strong personality.

Can you choose which moment was the happiest in the midst of a very busy team activities and variety?

We filmed in Hawaii without any break for this album. Even in the midst of being out of it I was happy when I blankly looked at Hawaii’s amazing scenery.

Kim Jinwoo

“If there’s an offer for me to become Imja-do’s honorary ambassador, I’Il say OK right away”


You are called the Variety Sprout in the broadcasting world these days.

Thank you for expressing it that way. As someone who’s still learning variety shows, even though I’m sill lacking I think people are enjoying my honest and bold image.

You showed your ‘survival aegyo’ in <Wizard od Nowhere>. What can you say about doing variety with hyungs like Kim Sooro, Uhm Gijun, Kim Taewon, Yoon Jungsoo, and CHoi Minyoung? Who took good care of you the most?

Just like a real little brother, all of them were good but Kim Sooro hyung took really good care of me. I won’t be able to forget the ketchup spaghetti that Sooro hyung made. It was hard because we didn’t get to wash and change clothes but l enjoyed the filming. While filming, Kazbegi, the city we visit was really nice.

You displayed your hidden variety skill on <Radio Star? What was the happiest memory of “lmja-do boy Kim Jinwoo”?

Before the digital stuff, the memories of riding my bicycle and playing in the mud flat.

Imjado became popular thanks to Kim Jinwoo. If you get offered to be an honorary ambassador will you take it?

Of course


In <Radio Star> you said “Minho is Mojiri for broadcast, l’m innocently/lpurely mojiri”. Is there a moment recently where you felt the most mojiri-ish?

But its like that everyday?

In contrast to your self acclaimed mojiri, you are called ‘face genius’ with your visual. If you get to share a beauty secret what would it be?

There’s a lot of beauty secret but personally I think it’s important to control what you eat.

Both title songs are receiving a lot of love. Is it because the songs are bright that the members became bright too. You’re on a roll in variety shows too.

Certainly if you sing a bright song there’s a vibe that becomes youthful.

Even so, you must have some moments where you get stressed, how you relieve it?

These days I quit playing games so just relieve (stress) through sleeping.

In <High Cut> April issue interview you said “RR is a song you listen to when you’re on the first stage or in a ‘some’ relationship.” Then when do we have to listen to the two new songs?

You have to listen to Island when you’re going somewhere in summer. If you feel forlorn or lonely, LMLM will be your strength.


Say Yes or No

Satisfaction level for this album if graded it’ll be more the 90 points

Yoon: YES 95 points.

Hoon: NO 75 points. In reference to my grades during my school years.

Mino: NO 80 points.

Jinu: YES!! Instead of more than 90 points satisfaction rating, want to give it high points since we kept on seeing/meeting the public and our fans.

I want to release one more album this year

Yoon: Yes. I want to release (an album) around winter but there’s no concrete plan yet.

Hoon: Yes. Once, twice, as much as possible l want to.

Mino: Yes. I want to release (an album) whenever

Jinu: Yes.

l’m the most handsome in Winner

Yoon: Yes. I’m satisfied with myself.

Hoon: Yes. If I don’t acknowledge it no one will give me 1st place.

Mino: No. Jinwoo hyung’s the most handsome and I’m the 2nd

Jinu: A Triangle. If it the most handsome then Kim Jinwoo is the 1st. It’s different from person to person and there are different charms so l can’t give a correct answer.

I’m the charm king in Winner

Yoon: Yes. I think that I’m charming.

Hoon: Yes. I know my own charms well.

Mino: Yes. My charm is the best! (ijang).

Jinu: This one is a triangle too. Each has their own charms. So it’s hard to choose one

I’m the most talented in Winner

Yoon: Yes. In my personal basis I’m confident.

Hoon: Yes. I’m talented on many areas.

Mino: No. Everyone is good.

Jinu: No. l’m the most hard working than anyone. Rest of the members are talented.

I’m lonely these days

Yoon: No.

Hoon: Yes. I’m lonely. Our Haute is lonely too.

Mino: Yes. I meet my friends.

Jinu: No. I’m always with my members and fans so I’m not lonely

I have a dark history I want to erase

Yoon: No.

Hoon: Yes. The bleached hair I did when I was in grade school.

Mino: No. That dark history was there so there’s a history now.

Jinu: No.

I’m still thirsty for Yang Hyunseok’s love and attention

Yoon: Yes.

Hoon: Yes. Probably most of our company’s artists have the same feeling.

Mino: Yes. Of course.

Jinu: Yes. I want to receive YG’s love and attention forever.

Winner’s prime has not come yet

Yoon: Yes. Now is the start

Hoon: Yes. Winner’s future is more promising.

Mino: Yes. Our beginnings are always new and well get bigger and bigger.

Jinu: Yes. We’ll run more.

Scans credit to @clipwinner & High Cut. Translation credit to @tacitslumber.

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