[Interview] 190128 WINNER Reveal Their Winter Fashion Code*, Date Course, and Also Video that Make Your Heart Flutters

When Korean boygroup with 4-members, WINNER, appeared in TGC Shizuoka 2019, the venue gets super excited! Here is the stage report.


Leader YOON, the steady vocal that act as everyone’s moderator; JINU with outstanding singing ability who charm the girls with his cute face; rapper MINO, a fashionista who had solo debut in 2018; rapper HOONY who also the mood maker. The music that is produced by those 4 people not only charted in Korea and Japan, but also in US. We approached the true colors of this artist whom has popularity at global level.


  • All members are addicted to Shizuoka Oden** ♥

— Your Japan tour last year was also a huge success! This is the second time you come to Shizuoka, were there something that you look forward to?

JINU: I got strength from seeing Mt. Fuji.

YOON: It was much bigger than what I imagined!

HOONY: I took a photo of it!


— How about the food?

JINU: If we talk about Shizuoka, it must be Shizuoka Oden, right?

— You know about it well

YOON: This time, I can’t enjoy it because I don’t have time. But I ate it with my members when I visited Shizuoka on the last tour!

— What was the most delicious ingredient?

YOON: It is Daikon radish! It’s immerse in flavor and delicious ~

(Everyone’s nods)

JINU: Of course it’s also because of the taste, but it’s also very interesting because the shop style, atmosphere, and the unique oden pot, etc, there are no such things in Korea.

  • HOONY’s surprised birthday party the day before TGC was very hype up!


— The day before TGC Shizuoka 2019 is HOONY’s birthday! Congratulation

HOONY: Thank you! Yesterday I celebrated it with everyone!

MINO: Members & staff prepared for about 3 hours. I told him “we have a meeting” but we surprised him.


JINU: It was so hype up that the people in the room beside us might thought we were so noisy (laugh).

YOON: We’re sorry for bothering you!

HOONY: I was very happy and enjoy it! Thanks, everyone!

  • Winter date, from chillin’ at home to romantic and active


— Please tell us about what would you do in your winter date

MINO: At home (laugh)

YOON: Me too. Because it’s cold outside (laugh).

— What would you do at home?

MINO: I’d like to chillingly watch movie together while drinking warm oolong tea.

YOON: Cooking together is also nice. Because it’s cold outside, it will be bad if we catch a cold!

— I have no doubt about it since you are person from a country that have colder weather than Japan. How about the other 2?

HOONY: I want to go to a winter resort for skiing or snowboarding! Hokkaido is nice.  You can’t do this kind of thing in other season.

JINU: Hot springs? Things like open air baths and snow are beautiful, it would be nice. I’d like the two of us to spend time relaxing there…. Isn’t it like a dream?

— So romantic! What kind of girl’s fashion that you like to see her wear on such date?

MINO: I think a big muffler scarf that about surrounds your face would look cute! It looks stylish.

YOON: I understand a bit about what you mean. Just like an oversized outer and so on. The appearance of the girl inside it will make your heart flutter.

JINU: For me, down coats. The fluffy silhouette is cute.

— It seems everyone have a thing with oversized clothing fashion. How about HOONY?

HOONY: Masked style! (laughs)

— Eh? Mask?

HOONY: That’s right. I can only see her expression through her eyes. It’s easy to stare at each other and she won’t catch a cold!

— (Laugh). Please be serious!

HOONY: I like neat casual denim style (laugh).

  • JINU, his 2019’s goal is to get a driver’s license!


— WINNER who had worldwide hits, what’s your goal in 2019?

YOON: I would like to work more busily than in 2018!

HOONY: Be more diligent! (pointing to MINO) How about getting more muscles?

MINO: (hitting his abdominal muscles) I have enough (laugh)! I want to release a solo album again”

YOON: JINU doesn’t have a driver’s license yet, should you take it?

JINU: Ah … (looks reluctant for a moment). That’s right, I’ll do my best to get a driver’s license!

HOONY: I want to be cooler (laugh)!

— You guys are really good friends (laugh). Thank you very much!


  • [Video that Make Your Heart Flutters] How WINNER members will warm their girlfriends in the cold weather

With the theme of “If WINNER members could warm their girlfriend, what kind of words would they like to use?”, they challenged themselves to freely acting! It is a must-see movie if you want to understands the members’ personality.

*: MoteCode means fashion code, but particularly in the context of the kind of fashion to attract someone, like you would found from the interview below.

**: a type of food

Original article in Girlswalker. Translation by @Incle_Babies.

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