[Admin Report] WINNER Everywhere Tour in Kuala Lumpur

Hello hello everyone! This is Eka, the sole owner and admin of fanblog inclebabies.com^^. I usually only write story about concert experience in my personal blog, but this time I decide to write it in my fanblog so my fellow inner circle can read it too! I also try to write in English for global inner circle, but please forgive my awful grammar^^.

Honestly, at first I only plan to watch WINNER concert in Jakarta. This is because I never come to an artist’s concert twice. Seriously. I’ve been to approximately 17 concerts of various artists from Japan, Korea, US, UK and other countries, but I never come to their concert for the 2nd time. WINNER is the first concert where I’ll come for more than once^^. I hate to admit this. But it seems I had this bad habit where after I watch the concert of my favorite artist, I become less interested in them. You know, like all your wish has been fulfilled so there’s nothing more. Strangely enough, the same thing doesn’t happen after I watched WINNER concert. Quite the contrary, watching WINNER once actually make me want to watch them more. If you guys curious about why I feel this way, then continue reading this article^^.

giphy (1)
Me, before the concert
Me, after the concert

I went to this concert with several Inner Circles from Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore that I met in twitter. There’s many inner circle who give freebies, but you have to be fast because the freebies usually gone in a few minutes 😆.

Me in front of WINNER’s picture. There’s actually some billboards, but we have to queue to take pictures so I just queue in front of this one. The handbanner is the cancelled fanproject from Malaysian fanbase. It said “WINNER + Inner Circle = Happiness” in Korean
Fans queuing for Soundcheck entrance. My friends who went to the soundcheck said it’s so awesome because WINNER really make a lot interaction with fans.
I took this about 30 minutes before the concert start & fans still filling the venue. The play a lot of advertisement & also WINNER’s songs before the concert
The only nebula ocean pic that I took. I think it’s right when WINNER show up on stage. I don’t take any pictures or videos after this so I can get immersed in the concert

The concert start on time (only late 2-5 minutes) and it last about 2 hours. When the opening VCR played, the venue is filled with excited screams because we’re really anticipating the moment WINNER come out on stage. They came out in their bling bling blue & white outfit & greet us enthusiastically. My heart burst because I finally saw them with my own eyes.  For me, the excitement after the opening VCR comes down a bit because the first song is Empty and it’s such a chill song. But it seems the other fans are really excited when WINNER sang Empty & there’s many people sing along to the song.

By the way, WINNER had many fanboys you could actually hear their screaming among us. You could see the opening VCR and Empty performance here (video not mine, credit to BYING1216. Warning: there’s many screaming so don’t play it in high volume)

After Empty, they sang one of my favorite from Everyday album, Air. WINNER sang beautifully & dance freely. I really love it.

WINNER introduce themselves after the performance of Air. All of them speak in English!!!! Mino said he’s so excited to meet Inner Circle. Seungyoon said the next song is Hello and then suddenly there’s a sound of phone ringing 😂. WINNER asked us whose phone is that, “you? is that you?” cutely around the venue before suddenly the music for Hello played. Hello performance is one of things that I look forward in this concert & the choreography is as cute as you can imagine.

After the cute Hello performance, they sang Everyday. At the start, they sang the chorus of this song and we sing along with them before they fully perform it. Inner Circle really sing along to the whole song. Seunghoon just arrived in Malaysia that morning because he need to record for the last episode of Dancing High the night before, but he didn’t show any sign that he’s tired. He and the rest of WINNER perform energetically.

After Everyday performance, Mino go backstage to prepare for his solo performance while the other 3 was still on stage and talking with us. I felt so touched because they really try hard to communicate with global IC in English. By the way guys, Seungyoon is so cute. He said he want to go out & experience Malaysia culture but they didn’t have time to go out yet because they came so late at night & everyone was like, “awwww”.  But Seungyoon said that they have eat Malaysian food, satay, mie goreng & nasi lemak, through room service. The way Seungyoon try hard to remember food that he ate is incredibly cute. Jinwoo said he love satay! All of Malaysian IC scream because WINNER ate and love their local cuisine.

Before the solo performances, they play the 2nd VCR. I really love that VCR because it convey all of the problems that we usually faced in everyday life. Such as how sometimes we feel anxious with the future and feels like we’re not good enough (by the way, this is the VCR where they mistakenly play another group’s video for several seconds). After the VCR played, Mino comes out to perform Body and Turn Off The Light. Mino is less exposed in Malaysia, because there’s strict norm about attire there. Nevertheless, his aura is still sexy 😆.

The lights was off until Jinwoo comes out to bless us with his sweet vocals for a cover of Untitled, 2014. I really love how Jinwoo has unique and wide vocal color, from sweet tone in song like Empty & this song, and rough tone like in Immature. He also improve his English so much (probably because of Wizard of Nowhere too?).  All of his gesture throughout the concert are cute but at this performance he looked solemn and pure like an angel.

Seungyoon solo performance is one of the highlight of the concert for me, particularly when he suddenly sang “All of Me” by John Legend then wield his guitar to play Instinctively. Seungyoon sang acapella of “All of Me” with only our voice accompanied him & it left deep impression for me. There’s time when his voice halt for a very brief moment, probably because he gets too emotional (?) but the performance still superb.

The last solo performance is Seunghoon’s and he really make us riled up. He sang Serenade and did a cover of Ringa Linga. Gosh, I really love Serenade I hope someday YG will really release it. The audience is particularly excited in Ringa Linga when Seunghoon did his solo dance!!! I couldn’t take my eyes from him.

They continue with heartbreaking performance of We Were, FOR and Raining. Their vocals seriously shine in those songs. I feel heartbroken although I don’t even have any crush at the moment 😆.

After those 3 songs, WINNER sang to one of my favorite song, MOVIE STAR, and hearing it live is an amazing experience. The boys tried to make interaction with fans in every opportunity and it’s especially great when fans sang the chorus of MOVIE STAR!

Before they resume the live performance, they play a very funny VCR! The VCR is the same with the concert in Seoul, but there’s subtitle in English. You could see Seungyoon and his yakult obsession, Jinwoo and his grey hoodie obsession, Mino as an artist & Seunghoon as CEO. It really make me laugh although I have watch the VCR in Seoul concert fancam.

WINNER comes out with different attire and rock us with the performance of Immature, Love Me Love Me and Special Night. I particularly love Special Night performance. They have different video in the screen where WINNER members dance in front of mirror or something & I really like that video.

For the next performance, Island, Seunghoon asked us all to stand up and dance to the music! So the people in the seating area stand up for Island, Really Really & La La performance. I forget when, but Seunghoon also asked us whether our voice is still okay and we did voice check together. Seungyoon asked audience from each side, one by one, to scream to check our voice 😂.

They back to the backstage after La La and we scream WINNER’s name for the encore. After several minutes, they come back in the tour T-shirt for encore. They sang Don’t Flirt & Luxury.

In encore, all of WINNER members speak in English with script on the screen. Seunghoon said, “Aku cinta padamu” and somehow it turns into “aku cinta padamu” rap edm version with mino’s beatbox 😂. Seungyoon is so cute when he asked us to not laugh at their attempt to speak English with script. He said they try hard because they want to communicate better with fans. Awwww…. Mino said that Seungyoon study hard to speak English.

What Seungyoon said left deep impression in me. He said, “A singer can not exist if no one listen to their music. If we didn’t have all of you waiting for our music, we would have never made it this far. As much as you made it for us, I hope today will be your happiest day. Because it is one of my happiest day. Thank you all”.

Honestly, at that time tears just flowing down my face. No matter how emotional I was, I never cry at the concert before. But WINNER is indeed special that they can even make me cry. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because they look so genuine when they interact with fans. Maybe it’s because their expression when they convey their gratitude to us. I just feel so touched and appreciated. They try to look at fans and interact as much as possible and make the concert as pleasant as possible. Inner Circle also calm and collected so the concert went smoothly.

The last songs are Really Really and Everyday remix version. WINNER looks so touched by Malaysian Incle fanproject (they have LED rose project). Seungyoon said the colors are so pretty. Mino asked whether it’s roses, then he whisper it to Seungyoon who the proceed to asked that question to fans. We took pictures with WINNER to commemorate this concert. Seungyoon asked us to make some noise for staff and the Crazy Dancers. Then WINNER bow to us before going backstage and the concert end.

Overall, WINNER concert is a really amazing and pleasant experience. I suggest you to at least go to WINNER concert once. But even if for some circumstance you can’t make it to their concert, I hope this post can at least give you depiction and feels of the concert. Thank you WINNER for giving me one of the happiest day in my life too. See you again in Jakarta!!

4 respons untuk ‘[Admin Report] WINNER Everywhere Tour in Kuala Lumpur

  1. revi mersiani 20 Oktober 2018 / 7:47 pm

    Can we meet…. because i will coming alone to their concert in jakarta


    • Incle Babies 20 Oktober 2018 / 7:49 pm

      Sure! Ada banyak IC yg aku tau juga dateng ke konsernya. Kita bisa ketemuan bareng2


      • revi mersiani 28 Oktober 2018 / 12:09 pm

        Wat section you will be?


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